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The TNS Study Abroad program

The Study Abroad in Amsterdam program at TNS is designed for students who are majoring in marketing, communications, journalism, advertising/publishing and media studies and considering a career in the professional communication, marketing, media, creative and entertainment industries.

As of Spring 2015, TNS will be offering a unique 3-month Study Abroad Program for international students. The program will start early April and end in June ((there is a 90-day maximum permissible stay in the Netherlands without a visa or other permit). The actual course start date is April 4th 2016 and completion date is July 1st 2016.

Study abroad at TNS and you will:
-    Gain an insider’s perspective on how marketing and communication is done in the Netherlands by visiting Dutch and international companies
-    Participate in a high-quality content course at TNS with a hands-on project centered approach, including on-site interviews and research at companies
-    Housing in international student hotel
-    Participate in a Netherlands culture course that will enhance your appreciation of the Dutch culture, people, history and art
-    Integrate into the Dutch and international student community through the TNS students’ and professors’ network and the international Student Hotel
-    Live in an accessible, multicultural European capital city, explore the region through program excursions, and cruise around the city on your bike or by foot
-    Benefit from personal coaching both inside and outside the small class room setting


The Netherlands’ Creative Sector
The creative industry is the most dynamic top sector in the Dutch economy. Dutch society is multicultural and focused on international relations. The creative sectors (such as design, media and entertainment, fashion, gaming and architecture) are important drivers of innovation in other sectors. They also provide solutions for issues in society in the areas of health care, security and energy. The Netherlands’ creative industry is amongst the top 10 globally due to internationally operating companies such as Endemol, G-Star, Guerilla Games, Layar and Droog Design.
The Netherlands has a major creative sector, including many fashion designers, advertising people, ICT workers, journalists, film producers and visual artists.

Dutch design is famous around the world. Dutch designers produce unique furniture and graphic designs, as well as haute couture. An example is the famous fashion design duo Victor & Rolf. Dutch architecture is also renowned. Architect Rem Koolhaas designs buildings for cities around the world, such as the Seattle Central Library, the Dutch embassy in Berlin and the Central TV Tower in Beijing. The Netherlands also has a substantial number of museums displaying works by new painters and old masters, including Vincent van Gogh and Rembrandt van Rijn.

There may be no better place to study the many aspects of Communication, Creativity and Marketing than in the heart of the creative industry of the Netherlands: Amsterdam.

Home to large corporations and small local and international companies and top professionals in this sector, Amsterdam offers many case studies and examples of Communication, Creativity and Marketing practices. Examine theories and tools used by academics and professionals to address today’s creative challenges. Explore historical and modern sites of business in action, and speak with local experts.

Education And Accreditation In The Netherlands
Higher education in the Netherlands has a worldwide reputation for its high quality. This quality is guaranteed through a national system of regulation and quality assurance. Dutch law states that degree programs offered by higher education institutions must be thoroughly evaluated against a specific set of criteria, assessing the content and the level of the course. Bachelor’s programs which meet the criteria are accredited (i.e. officially recognized) by the Accreditation Organization of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO). This accreditation system was set up to guarantee that higher education programs in the Netherlands meet the highest standards.
TNS has been awarded with a very positive evaluation by the NVAO (amongst the top 10%). It is considered one of the top private universities in the Netherlands for its quality teaching and student-teacher interaction.

Putting creativity into practice – that is the major advantage of studying in the Netherlands. Innovation and creativity are essential in Dutch education. As a result, students at Dutch higher education institutions are often ambitious and they can easily adapt to other cultures and methods of working. Higher education institutions and companies are also working together more and more. Many institutions have appointed lecturers who are not only good at teaching but also have a strong network in the business community.

Academic Culture
Students from the U.S. may notice a substantial difference between the educational style employed in their own country and that used in the European system. The European educational system allows students a high level of individual responsibility and initiative, and developing an independent and critical way of thinking is strongly encouraged. This academic environment will be part of the challenge for visiting students at TNS.

Grading System
The credit system is based on a student’s overall workload, including lectures, seminars, and independent study. In general, grades are based on a combination of class participation, oral presentations, papers, and/or written or oral examinations. Unlike in the United States, grades are based on a numerical scale of one to 10, rather than letters. All Study Abroad students receive a TNS transcript listing course titles, final grades, and credits earned, and USActive converts the grades to a U.S. grading scale.

Sometimes referred to as the European Credit Transfer System. The EU introduced this standardized system for measuring study load as a way to facilitate international student and credit mobility. One ECTS credit represents 28 hours of full-time study and 60 credits represent one year.

The New School Amsterdam (TNS)
TNS is a small but top notch accredited private liberal arts college ranked in the top 10% of all universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands. It is the only institute of its kind specialized in communication, creativity and marketing and issues a Bachelor of Arts degree in Marketing Communication. It is located in the heart of Amsterdam, situated in the vibrant Museum Quarter, just minutes from the Vondelpark and Leidseplein. TNS is housed in two 19th century monumental buildings, which feels like home to its students. Its atmosphere is unique in that the student body is very close-knit, the environment is safe and the informal atmosphere of friendly students and teachers is very nurturing and interactive. The city of Amsterdam is at their doorstep and serves as the extended campus to TNS students.

TNS’ educational vision is to develop students’ independent and creative thinking skills. Its curriculum and learning environment focuses on personal development (professional development, curiosity and coaching) and on a 3-pillar based integrated educational program. Pillar one is communication in text and graphics, pillar two is creativity in text and graphics and the last pillar is strategy development.
Students and lecturers interact in a small classroom setting with class sizes of between 8-13 students. Additional personal guidance outside the classroom is available from both the lecturers and the TNS staff. The atmosphere is very friendly, relaxed, informal yet professional.

Currently, all of the 120 students at TNS are Dutch and several of them have an international education background. The study abroad course is conducted entirely in English, giving international students the opportunity to interact with Dutch students and professors on issues relating to marketing and communication.

The New School Amsterdam was founded in 1987 by an American woman, Bryna Hellman, who wanted to create a Bachelor’s program for Dutch students inspired by the Liberal Arts approach to education, favored by higher learning institutions in the United States. The focus of its bachelor program is on Communication, Creativity and Marketing and students earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in Marketing Communication.

Amsterdam, the dynamic capital of the Netherlands, is more of a global village than a bustling city. It boasts more than 50 museums, several world-class concert halls and music clubs, a bookstore quarter, excellent libraries, stylish shops noted for fashion and design, parks, tranquil cafes, and restaurants of almost every ethnic persuasion. Its historic canal ring/belt, which runs half-moon style through the city center to the Amstel River, was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2010. Amsterdam is the birthplace of Rembrandt, one of the great Dutch masters, and is where the philosopher Spinoza once took refuge. It remains a city of tolerance and freedom of expression and continues to evolve on every level: historically, culturally, and aesthetically.

One hundred and sixty-five canals give Amsterdam its unique charm. The Dutch capital is home to the stock exchange, central bank, numerous Dutch and international companies, and fabulous museums housing original works by Van Gogh and Rembrandt. Amsterdam is full of life, day and night, with world-renowned museums, art galleries, music, opera, theater, and dance. It is a truly international and multicultural city. The citizens of Amsterdam are easy-going and welcoming to foreigners and English is the unofficial second language. With over 790,000 inhabitants, Amsterdam offers the advantages of a cosmopolitan center with a small-town feel. Because the city is so compact, bicycles are the most convenient means of transportation; in fact, bicycles outnumber the people in Amsterdam!

It is quite easy to become acclimated here, because it is a city made for walkers and daring cyclists. In fact, it is quite a safe city - if you make sure that you look in all directions when crossing a busy street! The Dutch are friendly, direct, and take pride in speaking English. Americans have always been drawn to studying abroad. When considering your location, start at the top of the list and consider Amsterdam and the New School Amsterdam. We have arranged housing in top class student hotels with great amenities to make the most of your study abroad experience.