Cambridge Professional English

Why ''Cambridge'' English? Business English is a basic ingredient for all students, nationally and internationally orientated. These days it is important that your English is internationally acknowledged. Our aim is for you to pass one of the Cambridge Business English Certificate exams, which shows your skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking in English in a professional environment.

An external exam at one of two levels [ Vantage or Higher] is offered at the end of year two. More capable students may enter for the exam at the end of year one. More information on Cambridge ESOL examinations can be found here. 

Year 1

You will work on building your confidence by increasing your business English vocabulary and knowledge through discussion and role-play as well as reading and listening comprehension work. There will be three tests (based on classwork) to measure your progress through the year. Come prepared to speak, contribute your ideas and be an active learner!

Year 2

As in year 1 we will continue to aim for a successful result in the Business English Certificate external exam at level B2-Vantage or C1-Higher. Candidates for this exam are typically preparing for a career in an international business or workplace environment.
Ultimately,- students will be able to write short pieces of business correspondence.
     ● Read extracts from business publications.
     ● Listen to understand and contribute to discussions in meetings.

As in year 1 there will be three internal tests at the end of each trimester to measure progress and obtain the necessary 3 ECT's.
Kate Weidmann (year 1)
Kate Weidmann is a native Londoner who has worked as an English and Business teacher in Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Austria, the Czech Republic and Hungary. She also teaches at Vrije Universiteit and works as an examiner.
Steven Murray (year 2)
Steven Murray, a native-speaker and resident in the Netherlands since 1983. Besides teaching at the New School he is an examiner for IELTS (International English Language Testing System) and main suite Cambridge exams.