Vermeer tentoonstelling Rijksmuseum

Within a week after the opening of Vermeer on February 11, the 450,000 allotted tickets were sold out online, requiring Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum to extend hours to 10pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings.

Less is more applies to just about every aspect of the blockbuster exhibition, except for the unprecedented (yet anticipated) visitor response. Despite their best intentions, the Rijksmuseum cannot guarantee how long someone stands in front of an artwork snapping photos from their smartphone. Although, I am here to report that some attendees are practically skating through the galleries, happy just to snap and run;

I can confirm: WE WERE THERE.

Joan Gannij 

Dat klinkt goed!
Begint het meteen bij je te kriebelen als je dit leest? Ambieer jij ook een creatieve carrière rondom marketing en communicatie? Wil je graag alles leren over ondernemen? Meld je nu aan voor de volgende open dag en ontdek of The New School ook iets voor jou is.